Return all completed materials to the Rutherford High School Guidance Department according to the deadlines found in Naviance or on www.rutherfordschools.org.  

Personal Criteria for application

The recipient of the Betty and Buddy Ersalesi Scholarship should be:

  • A Strong Leader - Lead outwardly or by example
  • An Abstract Philosopher - Think "outside the box"
  • An Advocate for Others - Work to make others' lives better
  • A Goal Achiever - Get the job done

The recipient will also:

  • Be a senior at Rutherford High School (NJ)
  • Have a "C" or better average
  • Have post-secondary plans such as military service, trade school or college
  • Have resided in Rutherford and attended the Rutherford Public Schools for at least 5 years
  • Have completed all requirements for graduation according to state, district, and school policies