Please adhere to the deadlines found in Naviance or on www.rutherfordschools.org.  

Personal Criteria for application

The recipient of the Betty and Buddy Ersalesi Scholarship should be:

  • A Strong Leader - Lead outwardly or by example

  • An Abstract Philosopher - Think "outside the box"

  • An Advocate for Others - Work to make others' lives better

  • A Goal Achiever - Get the job done

The recipient will also:

  • Be a senior at Rutherford High School (NJ)

  • Have a "C" or better average

  • Have post-secondary plans such as military service, trade school or college

  • Have resided in Rutherford and attended the Rutherford Public Schools for at least 5 years

  • Have completed all requirements for graduation according to state, district, and school policies